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Did You Take Your Child’s Phone Away Because Of Radiation?

How to get started with smartDOTs

Taking away your child’s phone could be one of the most difficult things to do.

As you may know, modern devices (like phones, laptops, WiFi, cell networks, etc) create something called “Electromagnetic Fields” – or “EMFs”.

EMFs are a powerful source of radiation… and I used to think they were safe. But recently, I learned that 252 scientists from 43 countries signed a petition to the United Nations – warning them about the potential long-term dangers of EMFs, especially on children.

After more research, I found out that we don’t REALLY understand EMFs. All we know for sure is that children absorb 10X more EMF radiation than adults… and childhood cancer rates have risen by 27% since 1975 (when these devices started becoming popular).

One study highlighted by the American Cancer Society

Cell phones. WiFi networks. Laptops. Tablets. Game systems. Study after study has proven that our bodies absorb radiation from these devices like a sponge.2

One study highlighted by the American Cancer Society had people hold a phone to their ear for 50 minutes. It found significant changes to brain tissues … but only on the part of the brain that was close to the phone.3

How do smartDOTs work?

You can think of smartDOTs as a “mute button” for radiation. It’s actually pretty simple…

Each smartDOT is made from a specially formulated magnet. This magnet uses a scientific process called “entrainment” to capture the radiation emitted by your device – which means the smartDOT neutralizes EMF radiation before it can enter the air (or your child’s body).

Most importantly, the smartDOT does NOT use electricity. This means your device still functions normally, but the radiation is naturally blocked and filtered out by the smartDOT.

They’ve become popular among athletes, office workers and students, who say smartDOTs give them increased energy… but as I said, they’re a no-brainer for parents with small children.

Even better, the DOTs are waterproof and never expire or stop working. Once you have one on your device, you’re protected – a single smartDOT is enough to block radiation forever.

It was extremely easy for us to get started with our smartDOTs. All we had to do was order from their website, then stick them to our phones – it was that easy!

Once we noticed the positive effects, we decided to order a few more for our WiFi router, our laptops and my son’s tablet. It’s hard to describe, but the house feels “calmer” now… I’m glad we got extras.

I’m even talking to our school board about handing them out to kids at school – and why not? There’s no risk involved, and smartDOTs can only help.

How 250+ Scientists And A Breakthrough Anti-Radiation Device Are Fighting Back

As you read this, 252 independent scientists from 43 countries have even signed a petition to the United Nations, urging them to stop the reckless growth of EMFs worldwide.5

Countless other scientific studies have tried to alert the public as well, revealing links between EMFs and symptoms like headaches, fatigue, mood swings and even serious conditions like leukemia, autism and diabetes.6

For years, your only option was to give up your phone… or soak in the radiation. But now there’s another option.

Using the same techniques scientists use to study EMFs, a laboratory out of the UK has developed a breakthrough anti-radiation device that you can use to protect yourself – and your family – right now.

It’s called “the smartDOT” – and it’s our best option for reducing the massive amounts of EMF radiation around us today. The best part? You don’t even have to stop using your phone.

The Bottom Line

smartDOTs are more than just “better safe than sorry” devices.

Our research showed that there are no risks to using the device. Some skeptics have even been surprised that they had fewer headaches after using the smartDOT.

If you use your phone on a daily basis, have children who use phones, tablets or video game systems regularly and are worried about radiation for you or your family, then we certainly recommend giving smartDOTs a try.