There are Three Major Types of EMF’S

Types of emf

LF Magnetic Fields

ELF Magnetic Fields are the EMF component most often linked to major health issues and effects. Common sources of EMF rays are power lines, electrical wiring, light fixtures, appliances and most other electrical devices.  Wiring errors and stray electricity in pipes can sometimes create surprisingly high levels.  Magnetic fields are measured with an ELF* gaussmeter, in units called “milligauss” (mG).
(*Note: “ELF” or “extremely-low-frequency” is the scientific name for the EMF frequency range that includes the 60 cycles-per-second – or 60 Hertz – electricity used in the US and Canada.)

ELF Electric Fields

ELF Electric Fields have also been linked to other effects, but have not been studied much in research. Electric fields are usually caused by hidden electrical wiring within walls, by nearby power cords for lighting and other electronic devices, and sometimes from overhead power lines.  Electric fields induce measurable voltages onto the skin, which are easily detected with a Body Voltage Meter, in units of “AC Volts” (VAC).

Radio Frequency (RF) Fields (including microwaves)

Radio Frequency (RF) Fields (including microwaves) have also been linked to several kinds of concerning health problems.  RF fields are emitted from many wireless and electronic devices – cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, TV/radio broadcast towers, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi, wireless computers and components, baby monitors, microwave ovens, radar, etc.  In the US, they are usually measured in units of “microwatts per centimeter squared” (μW/cm²).
(In many cases This is called “Dirty Electricity”.)

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